Determinants of Health

Subhajit Chanda

Determinants of Health

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Health is a multi-dimensional phenomenon and many factors combined to influence the health of individuals. The common factors that influence health are:

1. Genetic Inheritance: 

Genetic factors plays an important role in determining the health of the people. Errors in the genetic make-up leads to many types of diseases and conditions such as mental retardation and error of metabolism.

2. Gender and Age:

The age of the individual will influence the health status. Young infants and the elderly are prone to various health related issues. There is a change in physical, social psychological health due to developmental changes. Similarly, there are some diseases that are common only in females or in males, for e.g. cardiac diseases are more commonly affects men as compared to females. Hence, gender is one of the indicator in equalities of health.

3. Life style practices:

Life style factors, i.e. ways of living such as social values, attitudes and activities and cultural patterns determine individual's state of health. The lifestyle practice usually includes diet, physical activity, tobacco, alcohol or drug intake.

4. Environment:

Environment includes internal environ- ment and external environment. Internal environment pertains to each and every component, i.e. tissue, organs, organ system and their harmonious functioning within human system. External environment refers to all those factors surrounding human and which influence his health, biological, physical and psychosocial factors. If environmental factors are favorable to individual, he will be healthy whereas unhealthy environment affect individual's physical, social and mental well being.

5. Income and Social Status:

Higher income and social status is associated with better health. When people do not have adequate finances they cannot be able to use the health care facilities. So, economic status is a major factor in reducing the morbidity, increasing life- expectancy and improving the quality of life.

6. Provision and Utilization of Health Services:

Health services are essential for social and economic develop- ment besides prevention of disease promotion of health and treatment of diseases. Maternal and child health services, family welfare services, national health programmes all contribute to health of people and re- duce morbidity and mortality.

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