Postpartum Psychosis - 3rd Year GNM, Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing (Definition, Signs and Symptoms,Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment)

Subhajit Chanda


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Postpartum Psychosis is an acute mental disorder or a psychotic reaction occurring following childbirth or abortion

­čö┤Postnatal psychosis or puerperal psychosis is a psychological emergency. 

A woman with postpartum psychosis holding a baby in her arms.
Postpartum Psychosis


  1. Hallucinations - sensing falls, visions, smell or sound which is not really present.
  2. Delusions - It is basically a false beliefs
  3. Mood changes such as mania or depression 
  4. Depersonalization (some people describe this as an out of body experience) 
  5. Disorganized thinking or behaviors 
  6. Insomnia - It is a sleeping disorder in this you may find yourself very hard to stay asleep
  7. Self-harming - Women with this postpartum psychosis have this type of intention to harm themself. She might commit suicide or may try to kill their child.


  1. History of Mental illness - If the patient have any past history of other mental illness.
  2. Schizophrenia 
  3. Bipolar Disorder
  4. Number of pregnancies
  5. family history of mental health condition - If any other family members have any kind of psychotic disorder then the pregnant mother also has a chance to get this mental problem.
  6. Sleep deprivation
  7. Hormone changes - hormonal disbalances due to pregnancy can also be the causes of postpartum psychosis.
  8. Other medical conditions
  9. Post pregnancy stress can affect mothers mental health

⇒Diagnostic Evaluation:-

  • History Collection
  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Test
  • Urine and other body fluid test
  • Mental Status Examination Test
  • Imaging Tests

                ⇾CT Scan




Mood stabilizers

Antiseizure drug


▲Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

It is the therapy in which electrical shock is provided to the patient in a very low amount and for very short time only.

⬛ With these proper nursing care is very important to totally cure the mental health problems.

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