Write a short note about Nationa Health Policy (2002), 3rd Year GNM,Community Health Nursing - II

Subhajit Chanda

National Health Policy (2002)

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It was established by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the year 1983 to attend the goal of “Health for All” the by year 2000.
Later, it was revived into National Health Policy in the year 2002.


  • To achieve good health among population.
  • To decentralise public health system.
  • Equal Distribution of health services
  • Giving primacy for prevention and first line curative initiative.


1) Eradicate polio and yaws (2005)
2) Eliminate leprosy (2005)
3) Eliminate Kala Ajar (2010)
4) Elimination of lymphatic Filariasis (2015)
6) Achieve of Zero level growth of HIV/AIDS (2007)
7) Reduction of mortality by 50% on account of Tuberculosis, Malaria, Other vector and water borne Diseases (2010)
8) Reduce prevalence of blindness to 0.5% (2010)
9) Reduce IMR & MMR (2010)
10) Increase utilization of public health facilities from current level of <20% to > 75% (2010)
11) Establishment of an integrated system of surveillance, National Health Accounts and Health Statistics (2007)
12) Increase Health expenditure and by the government in the your (2010)

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