Tocolytic Agents : Anti-contraction Medicine

Subhajit Chanda

Tocolytic Agents

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➯Definition of Tocolytic Agents

Tocolytic Agents are also called anti-contraction medications or labor suppressants. those agents prevent preterm labor and immature birth by suppressing uterine contractions.

➯Indications of Tocolytic Agents

• Generally 24 gestational weeks onward.
• Before 37 weeks of gestation.
• Spontaneous premature contraction.
• No evidence of infection
• No life-threatening

➯Contraindications of Tocolytic Agents:

• Fetus is older than 34 weeks gestation
• Fetus weighs less than 2.5 kg
• intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
• placental insufficiency
• Chromosomal abnormalities
• Cervical dilation is greater than 4 centimetres
• Chorioamnionitis - intrauterine infection is present
• pregnancy-induced hypertension
• Eclampsia
• Preeclampsia
• active vaginal bleeding
• placental abruption
• a cardiac disease
• another condition which indicates that the pregnancy should not continue.


        "It's Not My Time!"

I - Indomethacin (NSAID)

N - Nifedipine (CA Channel Blocker)

M - Magnesium Sulfate

T - Terbutaune (Adrenergic Agonist)

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