GNM Previous Year Question Paper of Child Health Nursing Short Question and Answer for GNM 2nd Year

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 Child Health Nursing Previous Year Short Question with Answer

A Thumbnail Previous Year Short Question with Answer Child Health Nursing

Fill in the blanks:

1. Purulent discharge from the eyes of new bom is known as___________.

➥ Opthalmia neonatorun

2. Baby attain the social smile by the age of_______ months.

➥ Three

3. First permanent tooth will erupt at the age of____________.

➥ Six years

4. According to WHO the normal birth weight of the baby is______________.

➥ 2.7 to3.1 kg 

5. Normal Apgar score of a new born is___________.

➥ 8-10

6. Startle relax can be elicitated by_____________.

➥ A sudden loud noise

7. The comfortable position for a four year old child with cyanotic spell is_______________. 

➥ Emi-setting position.

8. Ascariasis is caused by________________.

➥ Parasitic roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides)

9. Phototherapy is used in case of________

➥ Neonatal jaundice

10. Lobar pneumonia affects the____________.

➥ Parenchyma of the lung

11. Wilm's Tumour is the Tumour of the__________.

➥ Kidneys

12. Decreased calcium in the blood causes__________.

➥ Hypocalcaemia

13. Whooping cough is caused by____________.

➥ Bordetella Pertussis

14. An example for invasive method of oxygen administration is____________.

➥ Endotracheal administration.

15.  ___________operation is performed in children with projectile vomiting.

➥ Pyloromyotomy

 16. Ameobiasis infection is caused by protozoa known as___________.

➥ Entameoba histolytica 

17. Bowed legs and pigeon chest is common in___________.

➥ Rickets.

18. Failure of testes to descend into the scrotum is known as___________.

➥ Undescendent testis.

19. Pathological jaundice appears within__________hours after birth.

➥ 24 hours

20. Anterior fontanelle normally closes at the age of___________months.

➥ 18 months

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21. The period from birth to one year is called___________.

➥ Infant

22. Convulsion during fever is termed as___________.

➥ Febrile fits

23. ______________is an opening in the ventricular septum.

➥ Ventricular septal defect

24. ___________is a failure of the oesophagus to develop as continuous canal.

➥ Esophageal stresia

25. Depressed fontanelle is sign of___________.

➥ Depression

26. The route of administration of measles vaccine is_________.

➥ Subcutaneous route

27. Deficiency of Vitamin A is_________.

➥ Night blindness

28. The period from birth to 28 days of life called_________.

➥ Neonate

29. Child labour Act was initiated in the year__________.

➥ 1986

30. The weight of an infant doubles at the age of__________.

➥ 6 months

31. ____________is the disease caused by deficiency of protein in the diet.

➥ Marasmus

32. Decreased calcium in the blood causes____________.

➥ Hypocalcaemia

33. Inflammation of middle ear is known as__________.

➥ Otitis media

33. The Anterior Fontanelle otherwise known as__________.

➥ Bregma

34. The collection of blood between the skull bones and the periostium is termed as_________.

➥ Cephalhematoma

35. The child gives social smile at the age of________months.

➥ 3 months

36. Physiological Jaundice appears___________of birth.

➥ 24 hours

37. Failure of testes to descend in the Scrotum is known as____________.

➥ Cryptorchidism

38. Mid day meal programme is also known as__________.

➥ School meal programme

39. Vitamin D deficiency results in__________.

➥ Rickets

40. The period from birth to 28 days of life called____________.

➥ Neonate

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