GNM Previous Year Question Paper of Mental Health Nursing Short Question and Answer for GNM 2nd Year

Subhajit Chanda

Mental Health Nursing Previous Year Short Question with Answer

Mental Health Nursing Previous Year Short Question with Answer

Fill in the blanks:

1. Phenothizine is a drug which controls___________.
➡ Aggression

2. Exaggeration of illness is known as___________.
➡ Hypochondriasis

3. __________means is continuous attacks of fits without regaining consciousness.
➡ Astatus Epilepsy

4. __________is the muscle relaxant used in ECT.
➡ Succynylcholine

5. Thought disorder are commonly seen in _________ patients.
➡ Schizophrenia

6. Forceful, physical, hostile, or destructive behavior is called_________.
➡ Violence/ aggression

7. Strong dependence both psychosocial and emotional is called__________.
➡ Abuse

8. Lack of awareness of correct time, place, and person is called__________.
➡ Disorientation

9. _________is the mixture of words and phrases.
➡ Word salad

10. Ingrained Habitual involuntary movement is__________.
➡ Mannerism

11. The theory of classical conditioning was given by_________.
➡ Ivan Pavlov

12. Electroconvulsive therapy was introduced in the year_____________.
➡ 1937

13. Temporary discharge of mental patient from mental hospital is__________.
➡ Parole

14. Grandeur delusion are common in__________.
➡ Manic Patient

15. False Perception is known as_________.
➡ Hallucination

16. Hysteria is more common neurotic disorder in__________.
➡ Women

17. Repeated attacks of seizures is known as__________.
➡ Status epilepsy

18. The fear of darkness is called as___________.
➡ Achluophobia

19. Temporary discharge of a patient called_________.
➡ Parole

20. ___________is a treatment of choice is personality disorder.
➡ Psychotherapy therapy

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21. Carving for unnatural substance is called________.
➡ Pica

22. The other name for depression is___________.
➡ Melancholic

23. _________is also known as eating disorder.
➡ Bulimia Nervosa

24. ___________agents are thought to block the dopamine receptors.
➡ Antipsychotic

25. ECT was introduced by Bini and cerletti in__________.
➡ 1938

26. Affective disorder characterized by sadness of mood and poverty of ideas is called________.
➡ Depression

27. Pathological impairment of memory is called________.
➡ Amnesia

28. A false unshakable belief is called_______.
➡ Delusion

29. E.C.T. is an________therapy.
➡ Somatic/Physical

30. Flight of ideas found in________ case.
➡ Manic

31. The other name for sleep walking is__________.
➡ Somnambulism

32. Pyrophobia means___________.
➡ Fear of Fire

33. The disorder characterized by unwanted repetitive thought and action is_________.
➡ Compulsion

34. The mixture of words and phrases is termed as__________.
➡ Word salad

35. False perception of smell is known as_________hallucination.
➡ Olfactory

36._________is a fear of closed spaces.
➡ Claustrophobia

37. Recurrence of a disorder or symptoms after apparent recovery is called_______.
➡ Relapse

38.________is a absence of desire for sexual activity.
➡ Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

39. Muscle rigidity that affects posture, gait, eye movement is_________.
➡ Dystonia

40. Temporary discharge of a patient from psychiatric hospitals is termed as________.
➡ Parole

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41. The disorder characterized by unwanted repetitive thoughts and actions is________.
➡ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

42. Sleep walking is otherwise called as__________.
➡ Somnambulism

43. False perception of taste is known as__________.
➡ Gustatory Hallucination

44. Early diagnosis and case finding are components of_________.
➡ Secondary Level of Prevention

45.___________is the written record of conversation between patient and nurse.
➡ Process Recording

46. Therapeutic level of lithium is__________.
➡ 1.2mEq/I

47. Secondary prevention aimed at________and_________.
➡ Early diagnosis and Prompt treatment

48. The drug used in the treatment of alcoholism is__________.
➡ Disulfaram

49. The fear of height is known as________.
➡ Acrophobia

50. Antianxiety drugs are also called as__________.
➡ Anxiolytics

51. The act of over eating is________.
➡ Bulima Nervosa/Binge eating

52. Misinterpretation of external stimuli is termed as_________.
➡ Illusion

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